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Remediation Group, Inc. is made up of a team of licensed abatement and lead paint removal contractors that have been performing Remediation and Abatement projects since 2002. We specialize in hazardous material (lead, asbestos, mold, etc.) abatement and hold abatement licenses in several states throughout the Southeast. We provide experienced personnel, from project inception, through design and job completion. RGI Commercial ensures a safe work environment not only for our crews and supervisors, but also for building occupants.

At Risk of Environmental Materials?

Properties built in the early 1980’s may contain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Many times property owners are unaware of the hazardous materials present inside their property. Consulting with a licensed Asbestos Contractor is often times the most cost effective first step in determining if your property contains ACM building materials and if those materials require professional abatement. Contact RGI today if you’re concerned about asbestos or Lead Based Paint (LBP) in your commercial and residential property.

Highlighted Environmental Abatement Projects

Mold Testing: Who to Use and When to Begin

Who to Use

Always use a qualified, accredited and insured Third-Party Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP), when testing for mold in your home or property. If you find a mold removal or mold remediation contractor testing for mold, this is an “interest conflict” practice, and should raise a red flag. There are regulations and laws in place in many states that prohibit this practice. Unfortunately, Georgia does not have those regulations in place to protect consumers from unethical testing. Whichever IEP you choose, make sure that certifications are current and he or she has Errors and Omissions insurance specific to mold inspection and testing services. In need of a recommended and reliable IEP?


When to Begin the Process

  • After water damage has occurred, regardless of whether or not the water damage was properly dried – you should receive a Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) or Clearance Letter.
  • Occupants are experiencing Allergies and or negative health effects.
  • Prior to selling your property.
  • Prior to purchasing a property.
  • Homes built on a crawlspace can have moisture issues and are subject to humid ambient air. This can cause mold to grow inside the crawlspace and negatively impact the quality of the breathable air inside the property.
  • Allergy sufferers occupy the property.

The above list is not all-inclusive. If you have any questions, please contact Remediation Group, Inc. for a free consultation.

My Mold Detective Step Two Register and Pay

The purpose of mold tests and indoor air-quality testing is to identify the areas affected by mold and to measure the degree of infestation on the surface and within the structure. The results will guide the development of RGI’s mold remediation plan.

My Mold Detective Mold Detection System

Take the first steps towards putting quality back in your air.

Sometimes hiring an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professional to conduct mold testing in and around your home or business can get expensive and take days to schedule. My Mold Detective™ (MMD) offers an effective, easy to use DIY Mold Testing Kit to screen your property for mold. MMD provides a third-party AIHA Accredited Laboratory analysis report, which includes a $35 per sample fee that is due during online registration. Finally, My Mold Detective delivers a mold test kit that utilizes the same methodology, “spore trap cassettes,” the IAQ Experts use – IT’S NOT A PETRI DISH.

Mold Test Kit by My Mold Detective

My Mold Detective is the first professional-grade mold kit for consumer use that provides property owners with fast, affordable, reliable and quantifiable indoor mold concentration results.

My Mold Detective Mold Detection Kit

By collecting mold samples with spore trap cassettes and comparing indoor and outdoor air, My Mold Detective provides the most accurate assessment of mold presence in a do-it-yourself (DIY) product.

My Mold Detective’s mold test kit is the first-of-its kind DIY product that provides accurate, third-party laboratory analysis utilizing spore trap cassette technology and testing for mold like the professionals.

Kit Contains:

  • 15-liter air flow sampling pump and spore trap cassettes
  • Uses testing methodology and technology of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professionals
  • Utilizes a patented air sampling pump and spore trap cassettes comparable to professional-grade equipment
  • Samples that compare indoor and outdoor air results to determine concentration levels inside the property
  • 2 Tape lifts for surface sample testing
  • Test for mold in additional rooms by purchasing MMD’s Accessory Pack

Product Features and Benefits

  • Delivers professional IAQ-level information on type of mold in and around property, and number of spores detected/concentration levels
  • Gives accurate analysis with controlled mold testing versus uncontrolled settling plate or petri dish, picking up unspecified samples
  • Sold as a complete kit to test for mold in one room
  • Separate accessory packs are available for testing additional rooms and surfaces
My Mold Detective Mold Detection Kit

It’s Easy As 1 – 2 – 3!







My Mold Detective Help Line (1-855-MOLD-123)


Certified IAQ professionals connect property owners with pre-screened, qualified, accredited and insured Indoor Environmental Professionals or Remediation Contractors to perform additional services as needed, if test results justify additional steps.


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